Elf, Ranger, Outlander, True Neutral


Alandiel is a tough elf ranger who is quick to draw an arrow, but often doesn’t have all that much to say. She’s very skilled with her bow and arrow, but also has a longsword for close combat and daggers in case of getting stuck in a pinch. She’s very perceptive and very stealthy, and this comes from her years spent living in the forests alone. She dresses simply, in scale armor covered with a long green hooded cloak. She’s an expert when it comes to living off the land and tracking animals (or enemies), but her skills fall a bit short when it comes to interacting with other people. Being true neutral, she only really does what’s most convenient for her and doesn’t sweat the small stuff like being polite or making friends. To be honest, she probably couldn’t really do that if she wanted to, what with living alone for a couple hundred years. She detests cities and city people, and would much rather spend the day roaming through forests than having to deal with the pettiness of civilization. The only one she trusts other than herself is her hawk companion Paelius, and finds it hard to fully trust any of the members of her party despite the time they’ve spent together (which is something Seven can’t seem to understand). As time passes she might grow closer to this group, but overall still prefers time alone than with a party. She travels with a party now out of convenience and that parties get a chance to explore new places and fight new enemies that she might not have found on her own. So she tolerates them right now.



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