Perrin Underhill

Heath Hearthsong: Entertainer Extraordinaire and Acoustical Adventurer


3 foot 1 inch tall Halfling with sandy blond hair, HAZEL EYES (because I don’t want blue), and a sleek firm build of a lightfoot Halfling. halfling-bard.jpg


Many know the Entertainer Heath Heartsong and his bewitching melodies from taverns across Faerun, but little know of his humble origins or harrowing past. The halfling, originally Perrin Underhill, began his “journey” in small quiet village located near The Dalelands along a series of hills. As a young child he was quick to pickup on halfling pleasantries and politics and was known throughout the village as a child prodigy with the mandolin, drums, and lyre. Perrin’s voice was said to sooth even the Blacktoes and the Clubfoots who when in the presence of one another always seemed to bicker and quarrel. He quickly grew into a fine young halfling and learned most everything the village had to offer and was placed under the tutelage of Levy Highhill a local Bard. He eagerly absorbed the knowledge Levy made available to him and outstripped his teacher in but a mere three months. His teacher released him from his tutelage satisfied with what he had done for the young man. But Perrin was not satisfied. At this moment a great boredom set upon him, his life was no longer filled with the wonders of new and exciting things in which he could learn, there was only the village. For a time he lamented and withdrew himself from the world around him. He refused to play at the many gatherings being held and scorned his family members who berated him with insults and reminders of his lethargy.

Years later, an adventuring party would happen through his lively village during a festival. Perrin heard his family tell the stories of the “regal man in armor” and the “Women with horns” and suddenly, with his curiosity peaked, he felt a resurgence within him self to meet these Adventurers. Perrin went to the festival and talked to the company for hours, he learned of a new world, vast and ripe with knowledge. He was disgusted by his lack of knowledge and limited view from the perspective of this tiny village. He quickly worked his way into good graces with the adventurers and became a member of their company. Perrin found adventuring life quite suitable to him, the rewards, the fame, the admiration, he felt as if he had found his calling and during his time adventuring he felt alive. For a while Perrin and his companions had much success and had made a name for themselves, but all good things must come to an end. The party met a ghastly end at the hands of a zombie hoard. Perrin had dug himself a hole and hid for several hours waiting for the horde to pass by. He wasn’t a coward but when he saw the way his party was being ripped a part, he made a conscious decision to live. This was a defining moment for Perrin as he realized that he did not want to die in the moments where he felt most alive, after all there is so much more he needed to experience! He climbed his way out and collected some memorabilia from his party members and buried them and headed back to the nearest town.

For a while, Perrin took on the name “Heath Hearthsong” and soothed the hearts of local tavern dwellers and concert halls alike. He also continued his studies of history and musical knowledge through books and friends made over the years, but there was a hole in Perrin during this time. He would slowly drift back into lethargic practices until he would fall in love with another group of wandering hooligans. Adventuring was in his essence, he couldn’t stop it, he craved it no matter what the cause, goal, or end result. He repeated this process of finding and accompanying an adventuring party, watching them die, and returning to a local city to merely sustain his existence until the next batch of promising adventurers happened by many many times.

Sadly, those stories are for another time when Perrin is very very drunk.

Perrin Underhill

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