House Greenwood

"The Trees Shall Grow Tall."


Family Tree

Head of House
Lord Killian Greenwood, 43, son of Lord Ghent Greenwood.

Lady Meridia Greenwood, Wife of Killian, lowborn.

Ser Ghent Greenwood II, son of Killian, knighted at age 19, deceased.
Ser Rybar Greenwood, 22, son of Killian, knighted at age 22, heir to Greenwood.
Kendall Waters, 15, bastard son of Killian, mother unknown, squiring under Ser Abel Waters.
Lady Maine Greenwood, 12, daughter of Killian, living at the Greenwood with her family.

Lands & Titles

Lord Killian Greenwood inherited the majority of his lands from his father, Lord Ghent Greenwood. Lord Killian’s lands consist mainly of farmland outside the most western section of Neverwinter Wood, just south of Thundertree and just northeast of Helm’s Hold. He has claims to the westernmost sections of Neverwinter Woods, but is unable to solidify his claim due to militant elves.

Lord Killian is a petty lord of Neverwinter. Lord Killian inherits his title from his father. Killian possessed judicial powers in Thundertree before its destruction.

Lord Killian can muster ~50 foot soldiers at any time, more in non-planting seasons.

House Greenwood produces wood, barley, and grains primarily.


The House of Greenwood has never been much more than unremarkable. House Greenwood has been a petty lordship since at least the Spellplague Event. Histories have very little if anything to say about House Greenwood. The Greenwoods are listed in the Lordship Ledgers, but are simply named and not elaborated on.

In recent history, the Greenwood family has had a few bright spots: Lord Ghent once boasted at least 200 bannerman at muster, and fielded his full force at the Battle of Thundertree. Lord Ghent was slain at the battle and many of his bannermen perished, despite their valiance. Lord Killian raised the family from the shattered remnants of what was left shortly after, taking charge of his namesake. His firstborn son, Ser Ghent II, was knighted at the age of 19, a feat of honor all things considered. A few weeks after his knighting, Ser Ghent II perished defending the Wall from the monstrosities of the Chasm in the days following the Spellplague Event. He is currently entombed on the Greenwood estate.

Lord Killian has taken his firstborn son’s death heavily. It is often said that Killian, having live through the death of both his father and firstborn son, has grown weary of this world, and does not facilitate his lands with the enthusiasm needed to flourish.

Lord Killian’s secondborn son, Ser Rybar Greenwood, was knighted at the age of 22, a modest feat for his family. Ser Rybar is the current heir of Greenwood, and often travels to Neverwinter to beseech the Lord Protector for help in defending the borders of Neverwinter. Additionally, it is well-known that Ser RYbar is constantly trying to usurp his father’s position, claiming Lord Killian to be nearly invalid and unsuited to leading house Greenwood. Ser RYbar, being young and fiery, is spurned nearly every time on both requests.

Rumors claim that Rybar is looking to prove himself more worthy than his brother ever was, and dreams of one day making House Greenwood more than just a petty lordship. The people say he despises the abject disinterest of his father when it comes to advancing the family name. Still others say he is plotting to usurp his father’s position using foul play, being fed up with the Lord Protector’s courts, and wanting more influence at any cost.

Lord Killian’s natural born son, Kendall Waters, is squiring under the self-made bastard-born knight Ser Abel Waters. Lord Killian had no plans for his natural born son, and saw it fit to at least give Kendall a chance at glory. Kendall is proving to be as good a squire as his half-brother Ser Ghent was a knight, piquing the interest of a few power-seeking nobles of Neverwinter looking for strong sword arms. Ser Abel Waters treats the young boy well, and acts as the boy’s true father. Where Lord Killian has given Kendall a noble bloodline, Lord Killain has also lost all interest in his bastard son’s actions, ignoring Kendall’s surprising rise. Ser Abel Waters takes care of the boy, receiving periodic payments from Kendall’s family. Kendall’s half-mother Lady Meridia secretly cares deeply for the boy, and often sees to it personally that Kendall wants for nothing in his squireship.


House Greenwood

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