Silas Alagondar, the Dragonknight [WIP]

The Last True Heir of Alagondur, Slayer of Ancalagon the Mountain, Knight of the Neverwinter Nine


Male, formerly Human, age 32 (at death)
Current physical description unknown
Formerly black haired, bearded
Muscular build, tall

Relationship with heroes:
None directly.
Interrupted a ritual to raise him from the dead, at the Cathedral of Kelemvor in Neverdeath.


The Lore-Apprentices heft a heavy leather tome, as large as a shield, and place it at your studying table in the main Library. They bow slightly and leave you with the book, as instructed. The study is empty and quiet, the only noises coming from beyond the dark stone walls of the House of Knowledge in the form of muffled yells and rolling carts. Dust floats in the air lazily, and comes off in sheets as you wipe your hand over the book. It is leather, black and weathered, held together by copper clasps. You tentatively unlatch the front cover from its clips and find your quarry in the Table of Contents. You flip carefully to the page, and read:

Lord Silas Alagondar, the Dragonknight
First of his name, great-grandson of Alagondar himself
Lived to the age of 32

Not much is known of Silas’ early life. He was often shielded from the outside world as a child, learning the ways of sword and letter in privacy. His first sighting as a young man was recorded shortly after his sixteenth birthday, where he jousted in the Midsummer Festival. He placed third in a tournament of the Sword Coast’s twenty best riders.

Silas’ true epic begins in the twenty-third year of his life. After celebrating his triumph

Silas Alagondar, the Dragonknight [WIP]

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